A Semen-Sweetening Formula

SemEnhance™ is made with natural ingredients that help sweeten the taste of semen. The formula is designed to enhance the natural sugars already in your semen and make their taste stand out. It also helps flush out the ‘salty’, bitter and, yes we’ll say it, unpleasant flavor that you probably have now. Most guys start to taste better after about 3 weeks – something your partner will likely verify. Expect to taste MUCH better at the 3 month point. And keep using SemEnhance™, or you’ll return to that unpleasant flavor – and that ego-busting sight of her cringing when you release.

Vitamin C

A vitamin found in various food sources, Vitamin C appears to have a beneficial effect on semen – a 2017 study found it protected semen from oxidative stress, and plays a key role in semen production.


Long linked to better-tasting semen, pineapple is highly acidic, which helps cut down on the bitter taste of semen.


Anything you eat or drink affects the taste of your semen. That’s why kiwi is a good thing – it’s high in natural sugars that can sweeten your flavor and help reduce its bitter taste.

Bee Pollen

A 2012 study found bee pollen significantly improved semen quality. It appears to have a positive effect on semen and its biochemical properties.system in males.

Royal Jelly

Royal Jelly protects semen from oxidative stress. That’s the finding of a study conducted in 2014 which found it helped reduce sperm damage.


Ever felt randy after eating a banana? That’s likely thanks to an enzyme called bromelain, which is shown to increase libido. It’s also a fruit, which can further help make you taste like a champ.


The natural sugars in strawberries can do wonders for your taste. Also, being a red fruit, strawberries are high in lycopene – a nutrient linked to better sperm quality and motility.


Celery is a surprisingly high source of Vitamin C. That’s a good thing – it means celery can help flush out the salty flavor of your semen, for sweeter flavor, and something your partner would love to taste!